From the recording Life Is Good - Radio Version

"Life Is Good" is not just a song but, a mindset and lifestyle for all to embrace throughout life. There was a time I struggled with how to look at certain events of my life. As we know, not everything we experience in life is a positive yet, we have to find a way to get through life's challenges without letting it negatively shape our lives. Hence, I wrote and composed the song "Life Is Good" to remind myself and others that we all have ups and downs and that there is no reason for any of us to feel alone in our circumstance.   There are many who've gone through what we have or worse and yet still, they have triumphed in life. With that, I know that in spite of all I go through or will go through, "Life Is Good" and the opportunity for me to be good, do good and feel good is all in my perspective, vision and mindset that "Life Is Good" So, join me on my musical journey and crusade to remind ourselves and each other that "Life" is, indeed good and that for every negative event, there's an opportunity to make a positive difference for ourselves and others just around the corner. Don't miss your opportunity and be reminded that "Life Is Good" no matter how difficult things may seem. Donnell Dantzler


When it seems your world is filled with problems It seem like nothing ever goes your way Remember the things you need to solve them It just bring a smile upon your face Because it's really not that bad Remember all the things you have And, as a matter of fact Don't you know that Life is good It's so good to me Life is good So, good yeah Life is good It's so good to me Life is good So, good