Donnell Dantzler is a multi-talented singer, songwriter and musician, producing a smooth blend of classic R&B, Hip-Hop and Contemporary Jazz, displaying that he is truly a new artist on the rise. As an only child growing up in Kansas City. Donnell's incredible musical gift was displayed early in life as his love for music drew him to several instruments at an early age. He taught himself to play keyboards at age 6, began guitar lessons at age 7 and learned to play violin and saxophone by age 9. At age 12, his guitar lessons were under the tutelage of Warner Bros. recording artist Norman Brown. Donnell's raw musical talent made it possible for him to play virtually any instrument. His exceptional ability to play anything he heard was evident when he first picked up the harmonica and played by ear along with albums of Lee Oscar, Roger Troutman or Stevie Wonder on their harmonica-laced songs. In 2003 Donnell released "Show Me Love of his newly released album, an exciting meld of musical styles, culminating in the tight sound and pulsing rhythm" With a surprising blend of smooth vocals and enticing grooves about love and life, the "Show Me Love" CD touches on emotions experienced in life and relationships today, while resonating smooth grooves and an overall pleasing sound. Hear and download Donnell's hot New Single "Life Is Good".