From the recording What's It Gonna Be - Single

"What's It Gonna Be", captures the essence of so many relationships today that go back and forth with two people trying to stay together. Relationship ups and downs often make us question whether we are in the right place with the right person or whether there may be a better space for us with someone else. There are so many things that can challenge our ability to be together and move forward. Yet, we have the toughest time moving on in our lives without them, if we do at all. Crazy, hunh? A classic case of, 'can't live with'em, can't live with out'em'. What a trip. So, tell me, 'What's It Gonna Be'?


If I gave you sunshine, would you bring the rain Have me going through changes, all the same If I showed my cards, would you play the same Or, would you change it, all the same I don't want to be in the position To have to rely on my intuition What's it gonna be....